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Content Management Systems

Content management is one very important aspect of a website design. It is important to check the relevance of the content and that the facts provided are concrete. So, we have a team looking after this part of website design.

Our content management team comprises of a writer, editor, graphic designer and programmer.

  • The role of a writer is to develop a basic body of the write up, while that of the editor is to review the work of the writer.
  • Simultaneously, a graphic designer is responsible to deal with the appearance like colour, fonts, placing of the text, images, etc. he has to manage and create templates that establish a sound relevance with the text.
  • And lastly we cannot forget the programmers who keep the site running smoothly and improvising certain features, fixing bugs, and doing other specialized chores.

We also have a system to edit and change the content so as to satisfy your changing business requirements. Apart from that, we also have a good record keeping system which takes care of saving the original versions and the subsequent revisions so that you can keep a track on the changes done.

We have a very flexible workflow pattern in our system. Anyone of the team members can change or edit the content. But these contents are checked and filtered as we have a trail record of the changes. We have our own set of rules regarding who is permitted to do the changes and who is not. Since internet is a very open and public media, we take all care that the details on the web are all checked by the editor and then only put up on the net. Thus changes are allowed to be done by any staff member, but we ensure that they are edited.

As mentioned about our team, a writer's responsibility ends with the text portion, and after that the graphic designer comes into picture. He is entitled to display the text is the most attractive manner. He divides the content into parts like title, body, conclusion or references, fonts, colours, size etc. and then associates them with some relevant images. He also is responsible for preparing good layouts of such parts.

Thus, the final page that is displayed on the web is a combined effort of all these people. We take care that we provide you with customization and uniformity as well. Our head is responsible to finally preview the html before making it public through the net. Hence at every step, we take all possible care to serve you the best.