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Flash Website and SEO

Now all the web pages that are containing flash animations, can experience freedom. The concept that search engines like Google,Yahoo and so on, do not sense flash is a thing of past. Some better ways by which flash website technology is possible to be embedded with SEO are as follows.

1.To begin with, the right usage of the NOEMBED tag, the flash website pages can be easily optimized through search engine. This tag plays an important part in indexing the website on a particular frame. With text content inserted in the NOEMBED tags, the strategy of search engine optimization and flash website features get chalked out and integrated.

2.Using CSS element, flash techniques and the search engine optimization can be re-amalgamated. With this tool, the content for search engine is associated with SWFObject, which is the function JavaScript. With this association, it is easy to detect the browsers, which can display the flash.

3.Thus, the search engine spiders, that undergo a difficult time in finding and analyzing the flash websites, now link up easily with the basic level content with headings, text, meta tags, etc. Thus, usage of flash website will not create any problems, as before. Though, it might not bring in great results in SERPs, but can eliminate the lesser ranks received by the flash websites from search engines.

4.Though the all flash version is not advisable by some of the SEO mentors, the flash website can also be converted into HTML version and help the spiders in the course of indexing and labeling. With all flash versions, the website may also lose the required seamless effect and ease of navigation but then, the rankings and visibility compensates the loss.

5.The SDK – the flash search engine tool is another technique that is required. Popularly known as swf2html, it extracts the flash file to an HTML file and saves the manual work.

Thus, with the advent of more benefits of search engine optimization and flash website features, the of websites compatibility is certainly going to increase.