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Intranet Portals

Intranet portals are portals that are accessible to any company's employees only. This idea has gained momentum in recent years as a cheaper and labor-saving method to keep employees connected.

There are some software generally used for building an Internet as well as an intranet portal. This is inclusive of designing software, and some are special software programs, related mainly to data encryption and authorization, which are used for intranet portals. They make sure that there is no endless access to portals.

Free of cost software can be downloaded from the Internet for use in making intranet portals. There is a wide range of software to select from. Download only that suits your requirements. Do not get attracted by big claims and fancy features provided by software.

If you wish to have a dynamic portal with variety of features and huge information volumes, you may have to buy more than one kind of software. But no need to worry because the rates of these software programs have gone down hill in recent years due to market competition. Many professionals predict that intranet portal software will be the fastest-growing segments in information technology in near future.

Even non-technical employees can operate most Internet portal software, but some software might require the expert services. Most of the intranet portal software lets the user company to amend it. Large companies opt for customized software, that costs more than standard software. Internally it also needs regular support.