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New Online Product Demo

New Online Product Demo and Checklist


You feel very excited when you have to launch a product or service and it might be possible to overlook certain things in the hurry to get them in the market. However, here is a checklist to follow:


1. Target the Market


Failing to target the market is a mistake observed while launching new products. If you haven’t precisely defined the market, how can you know what they need? Moreover, how can you reach them? So make sure you target the market.


2. Train Sales People


When sales people have to sell the product, its better that they know, understand and can sell the product.


3. Online Product Demos and Samples


New products should be properly explained and online product demos and samples provide the right ways to do this. It is advisable to show a well planned demo of the product online to highlight each and every feature of the product. Online product demos have become vital in today's e-commerce based business environment.


4. Fix Pricing


the product launch cannot be successful if you can't sell your product or service and for this you need to fix your pricing and terms. If you wish to sell them through network distribution, it is important to offer them with distributor price list and guidance.


5. Clarity on Promotions


New products are often introduced with promotions, so making sure the promotion details are clear and are well implemented.


6. Ready Displays


Displays and merchandisers are effective when a new product is launched. First decide if it is a part of your plan and be sure they are in the right place at the right time for a success. Merchandiser or displays are not needed by after promotion.


7. Ready Distribution


Make certain that the distribution system to move the product or service in the market is in set right before your advertising and press releases are published or your budget will be wasted. Promotion without product cannot serve you or the prospective client.


Your inventory, advertising, and press releases are perfectly in place. Different products will have vary on this checklist. Use this checklist as the base and for launching your product or market. Abbacus Technologies will provide you with complete checklist as per your products and services.