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Running a Link Exchange Campaign

Running a Link Exchange Campaign


Running a link exchange campaign successfully depends on how effectively you are able to find partners for link exchange on your website. All the links that you place on your website plays important role in gaining your link popularity and it is the main factor search engines use tit for ranking a website. Link exchange today has become an integral part of search engine optimization plan. For successful campaigns of link building you must follow:


Linking Page's Rank


The linking page's rank decides how much value is offered to your page. If the Page Rank of the page linking to you is higher, you will also benefit with high value. Getting link on highly ranked page can optimize your website.


Quantity of Links


The quantity of links on the linking page makes a difference. Having a link from a PR3 page that has only 15 links outgoing is far better than getting a link from a PR4 page that has 30 outgoing links. The value obtained by your website by a linking page is equal to the total PR value of that page divided by the number of outgoing links on that page.


Industry Segment


Search engines give importance to links directing to your website from your own niche of industry as opposed to those from industries that are not related. A website dealing in music getting link from a car accessories is worthless. Therefore it is advisable to have a link from a category that matches with your industry.




If a link is directing to your website, its main keywords must show up in the anchor text. It informs search engines what the linking page is all about. For external links use anchor text, internal links, maps of navigation and also the main page link.


Dynamic Pages


Getting links from pages that are dynamically generated will impact negatively about your website on search engines. Such pages are generated in order to stop them from getting indexed.


Avoid JavaScript or Flash


Websites with JavaScript or Flash should be avoided, as Search Engines are not able to crawl Flash pages and therefore also cannot read the links within Flash. Having a link on such website cannot offer you any benefit.


Say NO to Link Farms


Link farms are websites just advertisements and have no information that is useful. These websites get heavily panelized by major search engines, and if you link with them you can also get penalized for it.

Search engines also cannot read text within frames therefore do not get linked with framed sites.